Respect Releases The Anointing

Overseer Aliyah -There"s More

Following the Instructions

Good Success

He"s With You

The Mindset To Produce

Don"t Lose Focus Of The Assignment

Receive The Seed

Walking By Faith

The Storms That We Make

Be It According To Your Faith

Fully Persuaded

Unlocking Glory In Your Life

A Predestined Life

A Healthy Strong Spirit Part 2

A Healthy Strong Spirit

The Make Up Of A Winner

You Got It

Prosperous Soul Part 2

Prosperous Soul

We"re A Team

The Curse Is Broken Part 2

The Curse Is Broken

There"s Power In Your Thanksgiving

Recognize The Movement Of God

Live By Faith Part 2

The Power Of Wisdom

The Mind

Pure and Uncontaminated

God Is With You

You"ve Never Been This Way Before

Spirit of Honor

What I Speak Matters Part 3

What I Speak Matters

Transformation Of The Mind Part 3

Transformation Of The Mind Part 2

GREATER (Audio Only)

Favorable Outcome

Trust God Its Already Done



Youth & Young Adults Service - Gods Love Conquers Bullying

WOG Fellowship

A Miracle Worker

Stay In Hot Pursuit

The Potential of the Predestined Promise - Sis Aliyah Dagner

FRESH OIL - Pastor Jeffery Fox

2nd Pastoral Anniversary